I always have the  “eXTREME SOCK MAGHINE” Creelman Legare 400 sock machines available for sale. They come with everything you need to knit socks, except more yarn :o) Including a DVD instructional video and a CD with many sock machine. patterns, with tips and tricks. My restored sock machines will knit thick boot socks with up to  WORSTED WEIGHT YARN and thin sock weight yarn too. Look at the photo of yarn sizes on the right.  They will knit many other items like scarves, mittens, hats, baby blankets, iCord, etc.   Please contact me for details, 2 levels pricing.  641 394 3627 or email  Click here for the long list of accessories included  TESTIMONIALS

Creelman/Legare 400’s For Sale
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Common names we use here in the USA for yarn sizing comparison.

I left out lace weight which is smaller than fingering weight for this example. Sock weight yarn is also called Fingering weight .