Felting Kits for Sock repair

Contains  1 felting needle, repair ball and wool.

in  light medium and dark.  $10 50

Natural and Dyed Locks $2 to  $6 per ounce

Dyed Mohair     7”+  $5 per oz

Colored Mohair 7”+  $6 per oz

“Lion” locks       3”    $2 per oz

                           5”+ $3 per oz

Colors Available

Black/Emsket w silver tips,  Black w Red or Orange tips,

Black w golden blond tips

Coffee Bean  Brown w gold tips or or beige tip

Morrit with light moorit tips

Shaela Gray with silver or golden tips

Natural Colored Shetland Batts For Felting


Felting Supplies

Felting Needles     $2.00 each

Felting Kits with instructions, foam, wool,

and one  felting needle  $15.00

Lady  Bug, Snow Man, Sheep  and Teddy Bear

Soap felting kit  $6;50 

includes brightly colored wool bar of soap and instructions

Wool  batts in white, colored and dyed

for needle felting and wet felting.

We also have Karakul wool batts available for felting rugs

and heavier projects.  Please inquire as to what is available.  SOLD OUT

Felting Supplies