Scott and Williams Commercial Sock Knitting Machine. Cica 1911.


  Commercial Hat Knitting Machine SOLD

Commercial Toe Closer ( AKA Dial Linker)

Landis SOLD

American Straight Stitcher

Sews 1” thick leather

Needle and Awl

Singer 29- 4 Leather Sewing Machine

on table Stein Fur Sewing Machine

Commercial  Cone Winder

The portable 

Dream Winder

Does is all , cones, twister, doubler, will wind skeins  weaving bobbins, thread and cardboard warp cones

More pictures to come of  another commercial leather stitcher

A working commercial sock machine

And a commercial Serger for closing toes on socks

Singer  3245 Carpet Sewing Machine. This is my favorite  Big Bertha. I use her for binding my rag rugs, making rag purses, sewing tarps, leather and nylon strap repair and she zig zags too!

Some of my Industrial Machines NOT FOR SALE