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Finally have had some time to make some recycled  Cowboy Boot Men’s Bags and Women’s purses and horn bags.  Will be posting pictures soon of what is available for  the real deal, real cowgirl made.   Horn Bags for men and women.  Budket purses,  wine bottle holders and cowgirl evening bags.  All are made from Real cowboy boots.  No fakes like they are putting on the market now.  As I speak  2 of my Buckaroo Bags are in an exhibit at a local museum here in Iowa.   Will have photos soon of that display posted here.

I also have VINTAGE 100% silk scarves for the discriminating Buckaroo guy and gal. I do not sell new silk or make the scarves out of new material. . What I sell are the  good old time highest quality silk that was made at least 20 years ago and still look great today.   They also will be posted as soon as I have more time to get pictures and update the website.

Feel free to contact me Katy