Some pictures of the residents at 
The Legacy Farm
Home of the Wee Sheep

Our Farm is an all-natural, chemical free, grazing farm. We are located in the Heartland of NE Iowa about 2 miles outside of New Hampton.

Our fiber is just lovely. We raise wee, little purebred POLLED Shetland Sheep. Shetland wool is well known among spinners around the world, to be some of the finest. The handle is so soft and fibers so fine that it became famous for it’s "Wedding Ring Shawls". This is a shawl spun so fine it can be pulled through the wedding ring of the bride. The wide range of colors for Shetland sheep also intrigued me. Just one of the reasons why I chose to raise Shetland sheep for my spinning flock. These gregarious wee sheep with their beautiful fleece have inspired me, expanded my curiosity and love of fiber related activities. I will be forever grateful for their sweet little faces and scrumptious fleece More info


Me wrangling sheep                with Blue, my working Border Collie helping me.            

Nothing runs like a Deere

Larry in the New Studio he built in our 100 year old  Barn This where the breeding Boars were housed.

Katy & Baby Ella

Iowa needs future  Doctors to take care of us.  Please watch this video made in the spirit of fun for a very serious reason.  Please donate anything you can for deserving student scholarships at DMU in Des Moines Iowa .