This is one sweet machine. I have worsted weight in the 54 slot cylinder and she is cranking as smooth as silk. Here I am cranking as fast as I can and not one dropped stitch.  I love these old cast iron and steel sock machines. “True craftsmanship” as my machinist labeled it.  This CSM is already sold. BUT

I specialize in Legare 400’s with the timed gear ring and large rounded base made by the Creelman Bros. This is the model of  sock machine I use in my home and fiber studio to to knit on. I also use this particular model of Legare 400  and teach others and use them for demonstrations. I keep 4 of this same model set up with different size cylinders.  Just because I don’t want to take the time to switch out cylinders. The 2 cylinders I use the most are the 72 and 54 slot. I have found these 2 cylinders are the most versatile for 99% of the things I knit.

I have other models of sock machines but these are my work horses and never fail me.  I always have them available so please contact me if you are interested.

Legare 400 
“Cranker Extrodinaire”