Beautiful  and luxurious Sockotta sock yarn. :

45% cotton /40% wool/ 15% nylon

Brand new, just arrived.  Distributed by Plymouth and made by  Filatura Lanarota. Beautiful color ways.  Here is your chance to finally make cotton

socks on your CSM without a fight.

Each skein has enough to make 1 pair of socks+ Plus just look at leftover 2nd on the right..... 414 yards per

skein Gauge (stitches/in...needle size):

7 st on sz 2  Wraps/in: 18  

Weight: Fingering     Yards/unit: 414

Tabby sett: 8-10    Twill sett: 12-14

CSM  works well on the 54 60 72 cylinder and probably the 80. Only Sold in sets of 3 .

Yarn  color #'s 4, 5, 6, for  $20.00  ($6.66 per skein)

(Ask about our 50 skein discount.  You will go wild with this deal!) Sorry Sold OUT

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