The Rose, Comes with 4  bobbins, lazy Kate and free shipping on all Majacraft   
So sorry everybody but due to the decline of the American dollar  all Majacraft prices have risen dramatically.  If you are interested please contact me by email to give you a price as they change every day with the fall of the US dollar
Suzie Pro
Suzie Alpaca
The New AURA
Majacraft Spinning Bag
Little Gem 
We  carry Majacraft Spinning Wheels
Why?? Because we think, they are the best! We don’t  just sell Majacraft spinning wheels, we use them. Here at The Legacy Farm we wanted a wheel that could do it all, without a lot of fussing around with cup hooks, orifice threaders, string belts and fiddling with the tension all the time. We knew we found the answer to the “almost “ perfect spinning wheel.  Majacraft spinning wheels are what we use to spin our wool. The "Rose" handles very fine to very thick, chunky novelty yarns. We just love the new Plying Bobbins  and Flyer that hold almost 1 pound of yarn. But we can’t leave out the new little cutie....The Gem II.  This wheel spins so fast it whistles.  I was amazed at the speed.  It is so convenient, in it’s own little bag that weighs a mere 10 lbs,. I take to demonstrations and guild meetings, family parties too..  If you haven’t tried it yet, please do.  You will also be amazed.  And all the Majacraft accessories will fit on the Get II too! NEW PRODUCT--- Check out the new Wild Flyer  spinning thick roving for knitting felted items.  We also service what we sell as Authorized Majacraft dealers. Please be sure to call or email if you’d like more information or to purchase an heirloom quality Majacraft Spinning Wheel. All wheels are suggested  retail price due to the decline and fall of the dollar. But as always FREE SHIPPING ON ALL MAJACRAFT PRODUCTS!!