Sock Machine Accessories \
We also buy parts, complete and  incomplete sock machines or trade in your old one.
Heel Fork V Shape           

Set  of 3 Heel Forks           
(you provide weights)

Crescents  $ 11.50

  Pick Up Tool  $ 12.50  
                                                                                                       Row Counters                                           $ 42.00

Antique Bobbin Winder Belts $5.00


Sock Knitting Machine Table
Please email  for prices and
shipping costs..

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Sock Machines For Sale
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Counter Yarn Mast Mounted                      Counter Table Mounted
Please specify  how you want to mount your counnter
Mechanical Counter Easy  to put on your machine!!!

The SUPER BUCKLE Are you tired of struggling to try and put a big wool sock or other large project through the buckle to hold your work down?  We have the answer.  This aesthetically pleasing replacement buckle is based on the same design and look as the antique buckle, but bigger. It can hold large projects and small.  It is 3 3/8  inches wide and a large men's wool boot sock fits comfortably without a fight. Also the shape of the bar that swivels,  holds very thin socks extremely well.

Something NkEW for Something OLD.  We are happy to present our New Double  Cast Iron Victorian base,  sock knitting machine table, in addition to our single sock knitting machine table. . Great for those that have limited space requirements or want to display and use  2 of your favorite sock knitting machines, Convenient  holes are drilled into the top  to the left of your machine to hold your weights, built in needles holders for your cylinder and ribber needles. and our new  yarn  access holes, drilled right into the table. The holes are located behind the yarn mast  enabling you to put your yarn cones under the table and feed the yarn right up through the table and up to the yarn mast on your sock machine  Save space and look great. (bases may vary) )   
Please call to order your table as shipping varies from state to state. We ship the base in one box and the table top in a different box so you will have a safe arrival and enjoy you new table and set your sock machine up right away.  They are very heavy but shipping for both boxes is usually reasonable.

We also make missing parts for sock machines, Legare and Auto Knitter yarn mast parts, repair broken steel or cast iron bases and crank handles, etc. Don’t give up on your CSM if parts have broken or missing. Trade it in for a restored or refurbished sock machine or have us fix  your old one. If you have a steel or cast iron cylinder and it is too big for your CSM send it to us and we’ll have it fit properly.

Use AK dials (old or new) on your Legare CSM’s with this new DUAL Dial Post. Fits your Legare tappet, and arm. Some Creelman’s  and most CSM’s with 400 on the base including Legare 47 and Verdun

New SUPER  Buckle  $48.00


YOU MUST CONTACT ME FOR SHIPPING COSTS OUTSIDE OF THE USA LOWER 48 BEORE ORDERING. Sorry but I can’t in put in all foreign countries shipping costs.

Silver Needles Cone Winders  SN200

Winds up to 8 -9 oz depending on yarn. Includes 2 plastic cones Special Order Takes approx 3 weeks plus to receive your order from the factory $349 plus shipping. LOWER 48 States Only. EMAIL

EXTRA Silver Needles New  Cones

SN 200   Plastic

Box of  20  $35 plus S&H

SN 100  Cardboard

Box of 36   $46 plus S&H