More Restored Sock Knitting Machines

More Sock machines I have restored to knit and rib beautifully. Miles of ribbing are so fun to make after restoring then adjusting a customers machine that wouldn’t knit and wouldn’t rib. I call it the “Magic Touch” (aka greasy fingers) LOL  See eXtreme  Sock

New support feature Internet live video.    Did you buy a sock machine and it looks like the one above in the upper left?   E-mail  Katy 


Mesh set up above to start the knitting on your CSM

Only put the first row of netting around the needles. One hole for each needle. Move crank forward slowly to get all the needles with a loop on it.  Hold on to the mesh and the yarn tail, pull down hard and crank forward slowly.Can be acquired at your local grocery store.  Be up and knitting in 30 seconds.